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현재 분리 발권한 ORD-NRT(ANA), NRT-ICN (KE) 여행할 수 없다는데 맞는 말일까요?

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1월 16일 일요일 10시출발  ORD-NRT (ANA)

1월 17일 월요일  3시도착 5시출발 NRT-ICN (KE :Delta mile)입니다.

짐 연결하는 것 문의 했더니 다음과 같이 1월11일자 일본 방침 변화로 연결편을 다시 알아보라고 합니다.

짐 때문에 입국이 안된다고 하는 것 같지만 캐리온 백 쓰고 일본에 입국하지 않아도 Transit, Landing도 당분간 허락하지 않는 다는 말 같아 

급히 문의 드립니다.  1월 11일 이후 연결편으로 일본 거쳐 다른 나라 가신분이 계신가요?

ANA 이메일 답변입니다.




Dear Ms.


We are in receipt of your email posted on January 12, 2022 Pacific Time

(USA), inquiring about through baggage. 


First, we appreciate the choice of ANA for your upcoming travel needs. 


Ms., we regret to inform you that through baggage check-in is no

longer applicable with Korean Air (KE) when the tickets are issued



According to the border enforcement measures described on the Ministry

of Foreign Affairs of Japan website, United States of America is currently

listed as the countries/regions subject to denial of permission to enter

Japan. Please refer to:


Additionally, due to Japan’s quarantine measures, we understand that it

is not possible to transfer from ANA flight to KE flight on the same date

using separately issued tickets. Therefore, please consider changing the

itinerary by contacting your booking office.  


Ms., while regretting that our response is different from your

expectation on this occasion, we appreciate this opportunity to

communicate with you.  


Kind regards, 



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